Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hello, I love you... Won't you tell me your name?
Hello, I love you... Let me jump in your game...

Esti atat de frumos cand esti indragostit... Intr-o zi o sa faci pe cineva foarte fericita... Exact cum m-ai facut pe mine...


brand new friend said...

"The guilty undertaker sighs,
The lonesome organ grinder cries,
The silver saxophones say I should refuse you.
The cracked bells and washed-out horns
Blow into my face with scorn,
But it's not that way,
I wasn't born to lose you.
I want you, I want you,
I want you so bad,
Honey, I want you"

brand new friend said...

asta e urmatorul pas de la "let me jump in your game" spre "I am in your game, what could you poossibly do now to stop this..."