Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Awaken again, she started weaving her thread, her cloth, unknowingly, as she always did. There wasn’t much to do anyway, she was all by her lonesome self in that poor, tiny room… house. Her loom was her only companion… And what a good, no, great companion it was… It was threading the most beautiful cloth that anyone had ever seen, it never stopped. Except when she was falling in that numb sleep, waiting. That was when everything got even darker, the wood of the table, chairs, walls, floors, everything.
But it’s not the case now. Now everything is nice and awake and has color… that’s starting to fade because it’s the second faze already…
“But it doesn’t matter, it’s worth it, look at the beautiful cloth that’s coming out of the loom… It’s enchanting, isn’t it? ... Au!...” And the little bright color started coming out of her finger joyfully like a little child that couldn’t wait to go out of the house and play. It spread across the cloth and stayed there looking at her with a happy little face, so she smiled back.
Outside, the trees with the flowers were blown by a beautiful late spring wind. Everything was so nice and calm… No birds though; she wondered why. They were already gone probably; maybe they’ll return for the next awakening. She loved to watch them fly, she could do that for hours. You know how for some people it’s the fishes or the cats?... For her it’s the birds.
The loom was still working, even if she was daydreaming thinking of flying. Yes, it was definitely the second faze, the cloth had more confused and slightly darker colors, not like some time before. They started to form a river that was flowing down a green land with trees and flowers; all the colors were so vivid now and they seemed to contradict each other relentlessly. She didn’t like it, but how could she make them stop? How could she…?
When she turned to look at the pastels outside, everything vanished like vapors, even the grass, the sky... All that was left was her little house hanging on the cloth that was flowing outside the window into the stars. It was time… She turned back and looked at her beautiful loom that was slowing down… the cloth… She was smiling looking at her life. A big yawn… She forgot to cover her mouth and that’s not something a nice little lady would do, but there was nobody there so it can be forgiven. She snuggled down into the rocking chair and she fell asleep thinking how the cloth will make a beautiful cover…