Saturday, March 07, 2009

What would it be like to swim in a really big bathtub, like a sea, and the water to be actually the air over the world? Nobody has to see you, because it wouldn’t be as pleasant to swim knowing everybody's staring at you like at who knows what craziness never seen before. No. It’s OK like this. To feel how the water surrounds every little part of your body and how it sustains you. To do the float and to move your hands like you were flying, to turn and to stand in the water, to dive in and to do a bunch of antics like the dolphins do, to swim really fast like chased by someone, to stop suddenly and to turn around with an amused and serene face, to play alone. Yes, it must be very good. To look to your left, to your right, everywhere around you over the buildings and the trees and over the people and to know that nobody is coming to disturb your serenity and the calm of your water. And to dive in again and to swim really fast. To go on with your silly game by yourself. What would it be like?
I miss the sea, I miss the floating. I want to swim.