Sunday, June 08, 2008

Equilibrium… There has to be equilibrium. One has to have equilibrium. The exact quantity of opposite things. One has to feel safe. But not too safe. One has to feel secure. But not too secure. One has to have everything. But not quite everything. One has to know everything. But really how much? One can be in a hurry. But how much should one allow one’s hurry to overtake the equilibrium? One can be egocentric. But how much can one give to others to fool one’s ego (… that one is not egoistic, thus satisfying the ego’s selfish need not to be egocentric)? One can be logical. But is logic enough really? One has to feel one’s world. But where one becomes too blind to logic? One can be firm. But one has to know where one’s firmness has to bend or break.

The plan wasn’t much of a plan… I just started walking…
And maybe nothing really ends…