Thursday, January 18, 2007

- What kind would you like, sir? New or used?
- New.
- All right, sir. And the humble little Japanese man bowed and went in the back to get him one.
That’s when he saw her. Little, fragile, so sad... beautiful... crouched near a corner of the room. She was so quiet, she didn’t look anywhere, her eyes stared absently at the floor or maybe at the pattern on her kimono. She just sat there.
The little man came back to lead him to the room.
- I want that one.
- Sir, she is not new, she has been used.
- I bet she has been. I want her!
- But, sir...
- I want her!! yelled at the tiny man thrusting his eyes into that humble look.

Photo © Sue Anna Joe - "Inferiority Complex"


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brand new friend said...

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